Name:Motor for Door Operator

1. The motor is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight.

2. The use of high-precision reduction gear effectively reduces noise and improves service life.

3. Using 200-500 mesh high-precision photoelectric encoder to achieve accurate positioning.

4. The rotor adopts paint dropping process to improve the insulation performance of the motor.

5. With mechanical self- locking function.



    Dimensions(mm)97x87x201.5Rated Voltage(V)24Rated Current(A)5.0
    Rated Wattage(W)38Rated Torque(N·m)2.0Rated Speed(rpm)180
    Poles2Working Type40%(S3 on 6s off 9s)ClassificationIP22
    Insulation GradeFEncoder ClassificationG

    PulleyTooth Outline5M
    Tooth Number28/19/16
    Width of pulley(mm)17/13

    1.Installation size:50x30mm

    2.Matching pulley:HTD5M-16,HTD5M-26,HTD8M-22

    3.F grade insulation grade, IP65 protection grade

    4.Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ(Cold)

    5.The whole machine pressure resistance 500V, 1min, no breakdown

    6.No-load noise value≤50dB

    7.No-load level & vertical vibration≤0.45mm/s


    (Exterior Drawing)