Name:Motor for Door Operator

1. The motor adopts enclosed structure and the protection level reaches IP65.

2. Optimizing the electromagnetic design to make the motor have smaller slot torque,stable operation at low speed and high eficiency.

3. Using high performance permanent magnet material, design overload capacity (≥250%)

4. The military grade electronic components was used in encoder for higher impact resistance.

5. The lead wire adopts silicoin rubber high temperature shielded wire, which has good high temperature resistance and anti-interference ability.

6. Class-F Insulation Level, Make Motor Have Higher Life.

7. Compact structure design can further reduce the overall size of door operator.



    Dimensions(mm)150x150x90.5Rated Voltage(V)80Rated Current(A)1.2
    Rated Wattage(W)94Poles16Rated Torque(N·m)5.0
    Rated Speed(rpm)180Rated Frequency(Hz)24Working Type40%(S3 on 6s off 9s)
    ClassificationIP65Insulation GradeF

    Encoder ClassificationA/B/C/D/E
    PulleyTooth Outline5M
    Tooth Number28
    Width of pulley(mm)17


    (Exterior Drawing)