Name:Oil Pump Motor

1. The product has the advantages of small volume, large output power, low noise, high reliability, convenient installation, etc., which can be used in the power part of forklift hydraulic unit under S2 and S3 quota, and matched with DC power supply.

2.The rotor of pure copper motor with high-performance magnetic tile can meet the requirements of sudden short-time overload.

3.Simple motor structure, Easy to select motor installation mode, and customized interface mode and output shaft size according to customer requirements.



    Dimensions(mm)Φ80x137Rated Voltage(V)24Rated Current(A)22
    Rated Wattage(W)360Rated Torque(N·m)1.35Rated Speed(rpm)2500
    ClassificationIP32Insulation GradeBWorking Type12% S3(on 5s off 35s)


    (Exterior Drawing)