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Precautions for the use of hybrid stepping motors

Time:2017-10-22 12:00:00

7 Precautions for the use of hybrid stepping motors

1) The stepper motor is used in low-speed occasions --- the speed does not exceed 1000 revolutions per minute, (6666PPS at 0.9 degrees), preferably between 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees), and it can be used here by a deceleration device. At this time, the motor has high working efficiency and low noise.

2) It is better not to use the full-step state for the stepping motor, because the vibration is large in the full-step state.

3) Due to historical reasons, only the motor with the nominal voltage of 12V uses 12V, and the voltage value of other motors is not the driving voltage. The driving voltage can be selected according to the driver (recommendation: 57BYG uses DC 24V-36V, 86BYG uses DC 50V, 110BYG uses a higher than DC 80V). Of course, the 12V voltage can also be driven by other driving power besides the 12V constant voltage drive, but the temperature rise must be considered.

4) For loads with large moment of inertia, a large frame size motor should be selected.

5) When the motor is at a relatively high speed or a large inertia load, it is generally not started at the working speed, but uses a gradual increase in frequency to increase the speed. First, the motor does not lose step, and second, it can reduce noise and improve the positioning accuracy of stop.

6) For high precision, it should be solved by mechanical deceleration, increasing the motor speed, or using a driver with a high subdivision number.