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Development of National Standards for Micromotors

Time:2017-08-22 12:00:00

According to the 2006-2008 national standard revision plan formulated by the National Standardization Administration, the National Standardization Technical Committee for Micromotors recently organized the "General Technical Requirements for Electronic Speed Control Micro Asynchronous Motors" and "General Technical Requirements for Motors for Electronic Household Appliances" Drafting working meeting.

The national standard "General technical requirements for motors for electronic household appliances" is applicable to motors for electronic household appliances such as tape recorders, electronic toys, record players, hard disks, etc.; the national standard "General technical requirements for electronic speed control micro asynchronous motors" is applicable to industrial frequency power electronics The system is driven by a gear reducer electronic speed control asynchronous motor. The motor consists of a gear reducer, an electronic speed regulator, a single-phase capacitor-running asynchronous motor or a three-phase asynchronous motor, and a tachogenerator.

Due to the long standard age of this standard, some performance indicators are no longer suitable for actual needs. Therefore, the Micro Motor Standards Committee has established a standard working group based on the current status of research and development, production and application of such motors in China to supplement and supplement the standard. Revised.